Project Spike
     Project Spike is Bill Robertson's current robotics "work in
     progress". Spike is a mixture of Labrador, german shepherd
     and doberman pinscher. He was donated to Bill under the condition
     that he would walk again. 
     When completed, spike will be a totally autonomous robot utilizing
     SONAR, infrared and bump sensors to navigate. At this time, the 
     head, spinal column and pelvic bone are completed, including the
     servo motor which pivots the neck/head. The motor controllers and
     drivers have been built and tested, and preliminary software (C
     code developed on a notebook and downloaded to the onboard 68HC11
     microcontroller) has been developed and debugged. Still LOTS of 
     work to do! Special thanks go out to Heather Floyd, Dan Willems,
     and Jonathan Nall for all of their help at the grave and rendering
                                                Grave Site
                                                 Collecting the bones
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Rendering Site
Boiling the bones
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                         Work at the Rendering Site
                      interrupted by an angry bull

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Spike at home
Spike's spinal column with
servo to enable neck movement

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                                             More bones
                                              Spike's remaining bones
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