Dazey is on Display and for Sale at MetalMorphosis, 79 Main St. Bisbee, AZ 85603 520-432-2922

Dazey the Robotic Cow Skeleton is on display and for Sale at the MetalMorphosis Gallery in Bisbee AZ. Dazey, a dynamic sculpture, is a motorized cow skeleton that roller skates and moos by radio control. She also randomly urinates with aid of a timing circuit that can be disabled with her “Piss Inhibit” switch. Dazey can easily be converted to deliver milk or the beverage of your choice. Additional features of Dazey include an electric, retractable tail/antenna, cow bell, transmitter, and spare rib.

RoadKill Video Productions, LLC is in need of capital for its next movie production and decided to auction Dazey, a rare, unique, and collectable artifact has been displayed in numerous art galleries and made several appearances on Television talk shows, a local news show, as well as, a PBS children’s show.

For Further information, please e-mail Bill Robertson at roadkillbill@roadkillvideo.com

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