RoadKill Video Productions LLC

About Us

RoadKill Video Productions was founded in 1990 and
incorporated in 2005 by Bill Robertson, AKA Road
Kill Bill. His first film was a two minute short using the
heads of four road kill animals as characters. His
second film, a Road Kill Cautionary Tale, also utilized
road kill animals as the cast and was featured in the
Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, 2000.
His third and latest completed film is the Bisbee
Cannibal Club
, a 75 minute dark comedy about
Cannibals in the small artist colony of Bisbee eating
vegetarian poets. "It's the grain fed beef that tastes
so good!" The studio is hard at work with two movies
currently in pre-production, so look forward for more
low budget fun to come.

Road Kill Bill while directing a scene from the Bisbee Cannibal Club